Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Good workout today, but numbers not impressive.

Good workout, today, but it makes my goal of riding 80 miles in 8 hrs seem elusive. I warmed up for my usual 6.1 miles, took a half-hour break (shopping in Safeway) and then rode 20.8 miles in 2:14, or 134 min. I haven't done the arithmetic, but that's not close to the 10mph I have to maintain to go 80 in 8.

I pushed myself pretty hard, and tonight (10 hrs later) I feel like I've had quite a workout, so I probably will be stronger next time, but how strong can I get in the 7 weeks I have left?

Already starting to cheat, because I'm now thinking I should only count the time I'm riding, not the time I'm resting. That way, I could get in three or four leisurely rest stops between hard riding.

Maybe that should be my interim goal.

Tomorrow I have to work on my arithmetic. How many mph is 20.8 miles in 2:14? I think I'll get out my old slide rule.

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