Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm busy resting

This sitting around is not my cup of tea. It makes me feel like a slacker. Makes me irritable. But I think I'm going to tough it out. I collapsed for an hour's nap at noon. More like a coma. The nap helped, but I still don't feel like moving around. Rather sit than stand. So I can hardly consider myself recovered.

I'll stay busy with things that don't tax me physically today and tomorrow, and plan to ride Saturday.

I'm looking at a new route. Should be fun.


  1. Maybe you need to just stop worrying about time trialing. Just ride. Make sure you're enjoying it. Maybe if you stop going for the 10mph goal and just ride you won't be so tired. Also, are you making sure to eat immediately after your ride effort? It's very important to replenish your stores in the first ten minutes after the ride. Do you have a membership to a YMCA or workout facility that has spinning classes? I gain a lot from doing spinning classes all winter. Really helped with my pedal cadence. Maybe mixing in some spinning with your outside training would help.

  2. I'm going to try just that -- riding without a thought to time -- tomorrow. See today's post. As for eating, I'm definitely doing that, as soon as I get off the bike. Spinning is something else, though. I think I might look into it this winter, but at this stage of my training, I believe the expenditure of energy would be counterproductive.