Monday, September 24, 2012

Started off really sluggish, wondering if I should even try. But I was heartened at the start by my knees (knee-stabilizers) needing no time at all to warm up. I never did feel the urge to take a longer ride, but at least I came home more awake and alert than when I left. I noticed my breathing was heavier than I would have expected… as if I were still waking up. This in spite of having been out of bed for over an hour, showered, breakfast, etc.

Did all my exercises, and muscles felt stronger. I think the “collapse day” helped.

1:36 PM: Sleepy.

3:00 – Up from nap. Not really refreshed; chilled, so worked at computer in bathrobe for a while.

5:00: feeling somewhat recovered.

6:00: After two poached eggs and cheese and green beans, feeling a lot better.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

0 miles – collapse day

Decent sleep, but woke up so enervated I couldn’t even stand the thought of making an effort. Whether it was fatigure, anxiety, or something else, I had less than no ambition. I stayed in my PJ’s until mid-afternoon, and then only got dressed because we wanted to go out to a movie.

Despite all that lazing around, when I sipped half a glass of wine at 8 pm, I felt suddenly pole-axed.

No problem getting to sleep soon after 10.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

3.3 low-demand training miles

Good night’s sleep, awoke only a little sleepy. Knees felt good from the start;. This was so low-demand that it’s hard to see why it wouldn’t count as a rest day. I don’t see why I should feel stiff and/or tired tomorrow.

Did all my exercises, and my left leg is feeling stronger. But now, at 10, I feel only mildly energized.

Friday, September 21, 2012

A reluctant 3.5 training miles

It felt like a good sleep, but I woke up feeling really draggy, and didn’t feel like moving. And I was very stiff. But I loosened up on my ride, and felt better afterwards, with more energy. Did all my exercises.

My knee joints, on stairs, are gratifyingly limber.

Went down for HEAVY NAP from 2-3:30.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

3.5 training miles, then to Winco on foot

Legs felt stiff from yesterday, and when we were walking to Winco I was just plain tired. But I did most of my exercises, and didn’t quite give in for a nap. Planned an early bedtime, though!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

15.3 gratifying shopping miles

I started off feeling no energy (after what felt like a good night’s sleep) and about 5 miles out circled back, deciding to check my tire pressure. Back home I found my tires had only about 50 pounds! I inflated, and while I was here I made an egg sandwich. Took off again feeling 20 years younger! Tackled hills with gusto. Felt my left knee a little bit, but mostly I was marveling at how quickly my knee stabilizers warmed up, and how they felt as though they were fully engaged, and working, but not under any strain.

Came back and did exercises. No time to stretch.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Back from beach, 4.1 easy miles

The knee-stabilizers were comfy from the git-go. I’m thinking the rest may have helped, but also the walking on the soft sand.

The six days at the beach were mostly non-demanding strolling for an hour or two. My left leg often got stiff, but I’d find a way to stretch the hamstring, which kept me going. I iced my knee two or three every day. As I remember it, I wasn’t generally conscious of stiff legs – except after an hour or two in the car. (Not that they were’t stiff’ I just don’t remember being conscious of it.)