Friday, September 23, 2011

40.5 miles in 3 hrs 35 min for 11.3 mph

It's hard for me to believe that I was having trouble maintaining a 10 mph average for 20 or 30 miles, just a few weeks ago. Today, as I was finishing my 40-miler, which included hills, I was feeling stronger than I ever have.

I started at 7:25 am and finished at 11:00. Three hours and 35 minutes. That included a couple of brief stops along the way, including one necessitated by my gear-shift getting out of adjustment again. That translates to a 11.3-mph average.

If you use the figure from the computer on my bike, which says I was actually moving for only three hours and 21 minutes, it works out to 12.08 mph.

Now, six hours later, I feel only minimally stiff, and full of energy.

I have four days' rest before my birthday, and in the past that much rest has just made me stronger and faster.

I don't want to sound cocky, but I don't see -- short of some random mishap -- how I can fail to finish my ride well ahead of the 8 hours I set for myself . This could be a problem. I understand some folks are planning to greet me at the finish line, presumably around 4 pm. At this rate I could get to the finish line before any of the greeters are there!

Well, I'll work something out. And post whatever I come up with tomorrow or Sunday. Right now, I'll settle for basking in the sweet irony of the situation.


  1. Hi Hugh, well it sounds like you are really cruising!!! Oh if we could only be at the finish line - in spirit I guess!!!

    Happy trails!!!

    Deb and Joe

  2. Greetings Hugh!
    You've been on my mind so often these days. I love reading your blog!
    Stay cocky and confident!
    Here are a few "Olympic Rules for Living" by Olympian Bonny Warner,inspirational speaker.
    They remind me of you!!!!
    Rule#1: You have to have a Dream to have a Dream come true.
    Rule#2: Champions set a series of intermediate steps to achieve their goals.
    Rule#3: Champions never day no to an opportunity.
    Rule#4: All champions have to start somewhere and quite often it is at the bottom.
    Ride like the Wind,Hugh Ferguson!
    Best of Health to You,

  3. OOps! Rule #3: Champions never SAY no to an opportunity. My enthusiasm is 20, my eyes are 49.

  4. Dawn, thanks to you, I learned #1 several months ago. Deb and Joe, wish you were here!

  5. This kind of fitness doesn't come easy. You've been putting in some serious time on the bike. It's bound to start feeling easier. You're gonna get stronger and faster. I suspect that your followers are going to know where you are on your route during the birthday ride. I wouldn't sweat the finish line. Just enjoy the ride.

    One training recommendation....get plenty of sleep the next couple days. Getting some good rest matters more a couple of days before an event than the night before an event.

    I'll be rooting for you on the 28th.