Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Goal attained, despite wind, with 8 minutes to spare

It was touch and go, there, for a while, because the headwind dogged me for long stretches and really slowed me down. I had been pretty cocky during the days leading up to the ride, but after the first ten or fifteen miles I had serious doubts about finishing within the eight hours I had set for myself.

In the end, I think it was simply that my training paid off. I had enough stamina to keep going. So I got off my bike at 4:22, seven hours and 52 minutes after starting the ride, just as the odometer registered 80 miles. And, yes, I was tired.

I know there's more to tell, and many to thank -- friends, neighbors, family, and representatives from WashCoBTC, Elders in Action, and Greenfield Health were there to greet me and congratulate me.

But now I must rest for a bit. Probably no more blog posts for a few weeks, but I hope to get back to it, because I'd like to summarize what I've learned from this experience, in the hopes that it will help others to realize some of the joys that are out there waiting for those who go after them.

Meanwhile, Casey Parks has put a nice summary of the finish line festivities on the OregonianLive website. To read it, click on "Casey's after-ride follow-up" under "related links," at right. (Thanks, Casey!)


  1. Dear Hugh, we are so excited for you and your 80 mile trek!!! You are quite something! And you don't look tired to me, just plain ole fantastic!

    love ,
    Deb and Joe

  2. Way to go! I was sure you'd do it!

  3. Of course you finished 8 minutes under. The headwinds must have been there to make sure of it.
    Congratulations, and thanks for sharing the odyssey. I'll miss reading about it. John W

  4. Way to go Hugh. I am glad the construction on Evergreen and other obstacles did not stop you. The weather gods were very kind also. Hope your recovery goes well and you do not stop here. There are a number of century rides that leave from the Hillsboro and Beaverton area each year.

    Love the Orgonian article

  5. Congratulations from the entire GreenField Health team!

  6. Thank you all for your support. It's been a blast. Doing this blog has been fun, and I hope to add to it in weeks to come. Stay tuned!

  7. Hello, Hugh, congratulations for your unequalled performance ! I turned 84 last week and now I am biking in my livingroom when I switch on television, so I don't waste my time. Ann sent me blessings for Chrismas day. Shame on me : I didn't answer! I looked for your phone number and could not find it. Have you moved from Valatie ? I planned a trip completely unreasonable : on april 27 I shall go to Southampton on board the Queen Mary 2, then stay in New York from may 4 to may 12. I wanted so badly seeing New York again ! My mail I shall stay at BW Hospitality House, 145 E 49 street. Phone number (800) 780-7234 . Please send me your mail address and phone number. much love!