Monday, April 9, 2012

Starting from scratch?

I RODE 8.9 MILES on Saturday, and although I didn't consume any "recovery nutrients" afterwards, I was careful to cool down and do a lot of stretching. And yesterday? I was not too stiff, but I was dog tired. Took a nap and felt a little better, but not that much. Today, we hiked over to Winco and back for groceries (2 miles) without too much trouble, but I was glad we weren't walking any further. Am I that out of shape, or is it a combination of factors (I had some really heavy duty dental work done two weeks ago)? I rather think I'm that out of shape. And after reviewing some of my posts from last summer, I think the best thing to do is not push it. Tomorrow I'll ride again ... but only if I feel recovered. I hope I haven't lost all I gained last year, but I almost feel like I'm starting from scratch.

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