Monday, April 30, 2012

11.8 miles, feeling stronger

This morning, I rode only two-tenths of a mile further than I did last Tuesday, but I rode lots stronger, and didn't need a nap this aftenoon. For the first 6 or 7 miles, my legs were noticeably more responsive. Those tiny muscles on both sides of the kneecaps were not hurting... yet I could feel them kicking in. They were comfortable the whole ride.

After seven miles or so, my hamstrings and calves were feelign a little fatigue, but only a little.

The best thing about the ride was my breathing. Breathing deep and hard, but not labored. It felt wonderful, and as though it was really good for me. It's the first time this year I've been strong enough to ride hard enough and long enough to get that feeling. I remember, now, that this is what I always looked forward to, last summer.

I did light housekeeping and lots of stretching for 20 or 30 minutes afterwards, and had s scoop of whey dissolved in skim milk. Now, at 5:30, I don't feel (unusually) stiff or tired. (I'm chronicly stiff; I'm just no more stiff than usual. Actually, a little less!)

This was a six-day recovery period. I'm hoping now that I'll recover more quickly in the future, so that I can ride more often. I'm thinking in terms of three 20-mile rides per week, as a routine.

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