Tuesday, April 17, 2012

10.3 miles and gaining strength

I felt better after ten miles today than I had after seven last week, so I'll count that as progress. I spent a quarter-hour or so cooling down after the ride, and did some stretching, so we'll see whether I'm stiffer than usual, tomorrow. I also had a post-ride protein drink. But it's not so much stiff muscles that I'm worried about. I'm looking for vitality.

MY HOPE IS that after a few weeks of gradually increasing riding distances, my overall vitality will have improved to the point at which I need less sleep at night, and fewer naps during the day. I've been sleeping 9 hours a night and catching a couple or three naps per week ... and feeling sleepy and tired a lot of the time, nevertheless.

AS I REMEMBER IT, as my training progressed last summer, my vitality increased. So much so that I got back a lot of the time that the training was costing me. I hope to duplicate that, if not improve on it.

Right now I'm on a fairly heavy course of antihistamines for a skin condition, and I think (hope) that this is the cause of some of my loginess. I also hope that I can counteract this to some degree by the aerobics I'm getting.

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