Thursday, April 19, 2012

Better, Already?

Wow, I hadn't expected to feel this good this soon.

On Tuesday night and Wednesday night I slept well and awoke after 9 hours feeling (almost) like getting up. And I was actually less stiff than usual. Certainly no ill effects from Tuesday's ride.

I felt like taking a nap yesterday, but there was too much to do, so I toughed it out, and got through the day without malfuncton. Today I didn't even feel like a nap. At this rate, I should gettng an energy payback real soon -- maybe in a couple of weeks.

Already I'm feeling a little more alert, and a little more willing to move around without having to push myself. I'm still on the antihistimine, and I'm blaming at least some of my grogginess on that. But I feel like the exercise is counteracting that grogginess, and hopefully would eventually eliminate it. Meanwhile, my skin is feeling better.

I figure I could eventually -- in a month or so -- settle into a routine of two or three rides a week, 15-25 miles each. That should keep my aerobics up, and if I'm in shape for it, won't require any down time (i.e. naps) for recuperation. I'll also have more energy for some of the focused exercises I need to get back into.

Meanwhile I'm working on my ischio-gluteal bursitis by doing one-leg bridges, and after two or three weeks, I'm noticing a definite improvement. I can sit for longer and longer periods without discomfort.

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