Friday, September 9, 2011

Sixty miles in six hours before it gets hot

Tomorrow's ride is shaping up nicely. I'm riding three 20-mile loops, stopping off at home after each. It's supposed to be hot, but not too hot until mid-day, by which time I expect to be done. Best of all they're calling for little if any wind.

Starting around 7 am should have me done by 1:00 p.m. It's supposed to be only 84 degrees by then.

The "Tour de Parks" I rode in July was 64 miles long, and ended up hot -- in the mid-80's as I remember it -- by the time I got to the end, which was about 4 pm. I was taking it easy, that day, with frequent leisurely stops, so tomorrow's ride will be more demanding. But from the standpoint of heat, I learned on that long July ride that you create your own breeze by riding.

I'll be well armed with fluids -- liquid fuel drink, Gator Ade, and icewater, all ice cold as I leave, and all to be replenished at each pit stop.

The loop I ride never takes me further than 6 or 8 miles from home; I ride with my cell phone; and Anne will be the "Houston" I can call if I find I have a situation.

And I'm in good shape. I've been stretching assiduously and will continue to do so. I'm hoping to catch a nap this afternoon. And if I sleep well tonight (a challenge, because concern that I might not sleep well often makes it difficult to sleep) tomorrow should be a breeze -- self-created, of course.


  1. How was the ride? Did you hold your 10mph average?
    We hope it went well!

  2. Hello Hugh,

    60 miles, that's impressive! I'm fretting over doing 50 miles tomorrow but they're in Harrisonburg and it's hilly. Wish me luck.


  3. Good luck on your 60 miles tomorrow, Claire. You can see from my latest post that I never got much past 40. More power to you!