Monday, September 12, 2011

67 miles tomorrow, under ideal conditions.

I couldn't ask for a better forecast. Fifty degrees and no wind at 7 am; 75 degrees and 3 mph wind at 2 pm. And I feel rested and ready to go.

I plan to ride the 20-mile loop three times (adding that new little "loop de loop" to accommodate my self-calibrating odometer) followed by the 7 mile loop, which will probably read out to 6.8 or so. But since the long loops will probably read out a shade more than 20, my total should be a good 47.

I only rode 42 and change Saturday, but I was working hard because of the tire going flat, so I'm going to consider it an equivalent, for training purposes, of sixty; meaning that I should be in shape to go the distance today.

That's pretty sloppy reasoning, I'll admit. But I certainly should be able to do the first sixty, averaging 10 mph. I'll make that my first task. Then I'll tackle the final 7 with whatever I have left.

I've got all my Hammer fuel mixed, and my odometer set, so it's time to get ready for orchestra rehearsal.


  1. I saw you riding today, Hugh. You were turning right from Evergreen to 25th by the airport.
    I also used you during our inspiration moment at my Rotary club luncheon. As I drive past you, regretting that I can't ride my bike because I recently broke a clavicle, I mentioned to my fellow Rotarians that we should all aspire to overcome the frailties and weaknesses we are experiencing at this stage of our lives and that those younger among us can know there is little we can't do if we set about doing it.

    Thanks for riding,

    Hal Ballard
    Executive Director
    WashCo BTC

  2. Thanks, Hal. Your comment makes me feel that what I'm doing may be more than just a selfish indulgence. It admittedly is that, but perhaps it's also a way to encourage others. I'd like to think it is, so thank you for your words to that effect. And may your clavicle heal in record time!