Monday, September 5, 2011

Fifty-Four Miles tomorrow, and All's Well

The ride tomorrow calls for two 20-mile loops and two 7-mile ones, for 54 total, or 7 miles more than last Saturday. Feels very do-able. Psychologically, all I have to do is what I did Saturday, (20-7-20) then add the 7-mile loop, which always feels like the easy one.

The weather looks good, starting off cool and rising to about 80 at noon, by which time I'll be back home again. Best of all, there's supposed to be little or no wind!

And I'm feeling very rested. This is my "short rest" period, only two days since my hard ride in the wind last Saturday, and I didn't expect to feel this good. Had a nap this afternoon for insurance. My legs are a bit stiff, but they haven't felt all that tired, today. We walked out for groceries and some shopping, probably 2.5 miles in all, and I've been up and down stairs all day.

I've got my Hammer endurance fuel measured out, my odometer re-set to zero, and my alarm clock set.

So it's time to eat my spinach (I sautee a big frying pan of it and roll it in a wrap. Joe Friel says spinach builds muscles!) and have a glass or two of wine, get in my jammies and onto the couch with Anne to watch some Netflix on her laptop.

It's been a big weekend. The story in the Oregonian generated no end of pleasant exchanges, in e-mail and in person, and when I go to sleep tonight I expect I'll be feeling not anxiety, but a warm fuzzy glow.


  1. Hugh, the new super food is beets. A friend of mine (Jeff) totally changed his diet a few years ago, going super healthy and really trimming up in the process. Some of the many super foods He has turned me on to is kale and beets. Beets being the most recent discovery. Here is an article regarding beets helping endurance athletes (i.e. YOU).


  2. wow I was very impressed with the spirit of your sport, may god bless you