Friday, September 7, 2012

2.7 flat training miles

Woke up feeling lots better than yesterday.

Started out earlier -- about 8:30.. Stretched a bit, because muscles felt tight. Once going, knee stabilizers were cranky, and only loosened up slightly as I went.

Back home, did exercises, minmal stretching. Then mostly sedentary until we...

Rode MAX downtown for more Tri-Met tickets. On my feet for an unexpectedly long time without discomfort, including 30-40 minutes on the MAX coming home. So something's better!

The bad knee: Muscles are giving it more support, now, at the same time as the joint feels as though it's deteriorating. The sensation is that the cartilage has worn through on the bearing surface(s) of the proximal area of the large bones. As long as the leg muscles are taking responsibility, there's no pain; but if they slack off, there's a sharp pain.

Whether my exercising has done damage, or simply caused temporary inflammation, I don't know. What I plan to do is stop the knee-hand kick jerk, (translation needed!) and do it slower, with an ankle weight. Meanwhile, keep up the ibu and icepacks.

Iced again before bedtime.

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