Monday, September 24, 2012

Started off really sluggish, wondering if I should even try. But I was heartened at the start by my knees (knee-stabilizers) needing no time at all to warm up. I never did feel the urge to take a longer ride, but at least I came home more awake and alert than when I left. I noticed my breathing was heavier than I would have expected… as if I were still waking up. This in spite of having been out of bed for over an hour, showered, breakfast, etc.

Did all my exercises, and muscles felt stronger. I think the “collapse day” helped.

1:36 PM: Sleepy.

3:00 – Up from nap. Not really refreshed; chilled, so worked at computer in bathrobe for a while.

5:00: feeling somewhat recovered.

6:00: After two poached eggs and cheese and green beans, feeling a lot better.

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