Thursday, September 6, 2012

3.1 miles, flat and easy

Woke up feeling blah. Stiff and discouraged. Started leg exercises but aborted because it felt like it was doing damage.

Had planned to repeat yesterday's bike ride, but didn't feel up to it. Finally decided to ride out to practice control. Found sidewalk in Kohl's parking lot with line to follow. Conscious of control on the way there and back. It's helping. I can tell my precision is improving.

Meanwhile, my knees benefited, I think, from the easy flexion.

Back home, I did my leg exercises with no problem and stretched for ten minutes.

Still, I'm disappointed I couldn't ride more.

Later in the day, realized my legs were stiffer than yesterday. Yet they felt strong, up and down stairs, and my knees felt pretty good.

Iced my bad knee one more time before bedtime.

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