Monday, August 20, 2012

14.9 complicated miles

Today’s was an exploratory trip as much as a training ride. I needed to reconnoiter the location of Grass Valley, the company Kevin works for, because we’re planning to meet there when he gets out of work Thursday, and ride together back to his house. It’s in a corporate park at a busy intersection and I didn’t want to arrive and find myself negotiating strange territory in rush hour, and possibly getting antsy about keeping Kevin waiting.

I found it, okay, and I’m glad I took the trouble to do this scouting, because the traffic pattern wasn’t all that friendly. But now that I know where things are, I think I’ll be okay.

Anyway, when I left his office, at the corner of 158th and Walker, I headed south on 158th, which was okay until I crossed Jenkins – at which point there suddenly was no bike path. I ended walking the bike a lot, and also rather nervously riding it along narrow, twisting asphalt sidewalks, for maybe a mile. When I finally got to TV highway, I was almost a nervous wreck.

Once home, I had a nap, and awoke very stiff. I’ve stretched twice since then. Now, at bedtime, I’m much less stiff.

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