Friday, August 17, 2012

19.3 miles with eager muscles!

I didn’t sleep too well, and I started off thinking that the ride might go poorly, especially since my optimum rest period seems to be three days, and I’d only had two. But once I got warmed up, I noticed my leg muscles really rising to the challenge. BRING IT ON!

I noticed it first when I was going up some hills, and then again – several times – as I was trying to catch lights before they turned orange or red. A week or two ago I would have felt at least a twinge of desperation or despair at the challenge. Today, I simply stepped on the throttle, gave it the old heave-ho!.

I feel STRETCHING for the past couple of days deserves a lot of credit, and so I’m keeping it up. Two (15-minute) sessions so far, today.

Later – one more sesson.

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