Friday, August 10, 2012

22.7 miles

Great weather. Started at 7:45, ended at 11:45. Slowed by several construction sites and one accident. But mostly I was just going slow. I also spent an hour or so shopping in Wal-mart – where, by the way, my legs in no way cramped my style. They are definitely getting stronger.

So here’s another successful ride that follows only two “rest” days, both of which were fairly active.

Tonight we went to the movies – almost 3 hours of sitting – and at the end when I first stood up I was incredibly unsteady. After a minute or two I was “okay”, although anybody watching me would have seen a doddering old man, I’m sure.

Bottom line: my legs are tired, but I feel like it’s healthy fatigue, on the way to greater strength and reslience.

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