Thursday, August 2, 2012

6.9 miles, exuberantly

Okay, maybe it’s premature to exult, but I felt really good this morning, out to REI and Safeway.  The fun was back in it, at last!

The knee-stabilizers are the only muscles I felt – except for my calves, and them only slightly. Quads seemed to be making no effort at all. I was careful to stay in low gears and spare my large (relatively) muscles, since I don’t want to mess up my recovery, what with planning to walk tomorrow

7:30 pm: Legs feeling only a tiny bit stiff, and are working great going up and down stairs. And my knees feel like they are in really great shape. I have the feeling that it would be good for my knees if I rode at least every other day. What I call the “stabilizers” don’t seem to need as much recovery time as the larger muscles … and seem to benefit from motion – flexion – as much as or more than from exertion. So a short ride in between long ones seems like a good formula, if and when I’m in shape for it. And I’m beginning to think that maybe I am, already!

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