Saturday, August 4, 2012

21.3 easy miles

I took it slow and easy, with frequent stops in stores along the way, because I was pushing it a little bit in terms of recovery time, but although I started out feeling tired, I got a bit fresher as the ride went on, despite soaring temperatures.  I went by a church that said it was 96 degrees.
Now at 4:30 pm, I'm tired but not wiped out.  We're heading out to the movies for a matinee.
CLIMBING STAIRS: Four elements were remarkably improved. (1) Knee joints felt good. (2) Leg muscles did not feel tired and stiff. (3) Leg muscles felt stronger. (4) I did not feel winded or any distress when I reached the top of the stairs.  Given my relatively “intense” training schedule this week, this is terrific

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