Friday, August 3, 2012

9.0 mi -- to REI & Rock Creek Trail

Started day with left leg strengthening exercises and stretching.

RAISED SEAT back to what it was. REI passed on my seat position. My feet don’t touch ground because the axle of the pedal crank is built too high off the ground. 11” vs 10 5/8” for stock model. Can’t adjust that. Yet that doesn’t entirely explain it, because my feet are a couple of inches off the ground.

Aftrwards I PRACTICED CONTROL by following white lines on parking lots, and riding Rock Creek trail.

Muscles right around knees felt good – warm – as I rode. I tried to keep in low gears. The ride was broken up by shopping.

Walked to lunch right after riding. Legs very stiff. Got in my second stretch and felt much better. Fought off nap, played fiddle instead. It worked ok.

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