Thursday, August 30, 2012

Poor sleep, good energy, 7.3 mi.

I awoke so often, and was sleeping so lightly, that I expected to be shot, today, but instead I had plenty of energy.

I LOWERED MY SEAT POST 2 or 3 inches, as an experiment. The idea was to be able to reach the ground with my toes while still on the seat, but with the seat all the way down, I could hardly reach the ground – certainly not enough to catch myself if I was falling over during a tight turn. I don’t like the feeling – not stretching my legs – but I think I’ll leave it there for a bit to see if I get used to it, and whether my leg muscles are affected (positively or negatively) by the change.

I rode to safeway and back – a couple of mild hills – and couldn’t tell too much difference.

On return, I exercized my left leg and stretched.

It’s 4:30, now, and I’m still not sleepy. Go figure. But I’m not complaining!

10:00 – Not even sleepy now!

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