Saturday, May 5, 2012

4.4 mi. in 29 min -- but who's counting?

Last summer, I became fixated on how far I could ride, and how fast, because my goal was to be able to ride 80 miles in 8 hours on 8/28/11.

This year, I need to shift my focus and re-frame my goals. That will be an on-going process, but for now, I'd sum it up like this:

The training goal is to condition myself for daily living: maximum functionality, vitality, and endurance. Build up my muscle tone and stamina as much as possible -- but with no deadline in mind, and with as little impact on my daily routine, interests, and responsibilities as possible.

That means as little muscle soreness, fatigue, need for daytime naps, as possible. And spend as little time on my training routine as possible.

So instead of planning to ride two or three times a week, with lengthy recovery periods, and ever-increasing distances, I plan to ride every morning, 4 or 5 miles, and budget no time to stretching, recovery, or naps.

If/when my strength and stamina improves, I'll increase the distance, but not if it costs me sore muscles or down time for recuperation.

We'll see how it works out, but right now it appeals to me because it means starting out every day with envigorating aerobics, while getting the blood flow going to my legs, and bathing my joints in synovial fluid. Every day.

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