Tuesday, May 29, 2012

7 miles while sleepy

Lousy sleep last night. Now, at 10 am, I'm still planning to ride, this morning, but not as far as I would have if I'd gotten a good night's sleep. Just out to REI to get Sturmey-Archer looked at, then back here for a careful cool-down, protein fix, and nap.

7:30 pm: The REI guy wasn't there. I clocked 7 miles by the time I was home, sleepy the whole time I was pedalling, but otherwise feeling okay. Carefully went through stretches, protein drink, short walk to cool off, and a yogurt crepe roll. Then a shower, lunch, and nap. Slept about an hour.

It's very hard to be precise with so many variables going on, but I feel like I'm stronger. The nap was as much because I didn't sleep well last night as it was because of the ride. Meanwhile, my legs are a little less stiff, I think, and they feel a little stronger. My knees gave me a couple of twinges going upstairs, but I'm not taking that seriously, for now. Especially since they've been great going downstairs. Concerning general stamina, I've been a little less reluctant, today, to get up or stay on my feet for any length of time. And I've gone upstairs without having to catch my breath.

I'll make a note about my stiffness and stamina tomorrow, since it's part of understanding my progress.

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