Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Too many variables!

I'm trying to keep track of it all, but...

This morning I woke up at a quarter to 5 and couldn't get back to sleep. It was too late to take an ambien so I finally got up and started my day, foiled again in my attempt to get rested. I had a doctor's appointment at 12:30, and my best time to get a nap is mid-day, so it looked like I was in for another day of dragging around.

How could I gauge, under the circumstances, the effectiveness of my training "regimen"?

Anyway, I stretched a lot, and even used the thumper on my legs, and arnica on my knees, and was pleased to find that I wasn't too awfully stiff, and not even very reluctant to move around. Just sleepy.

I took a lie-down at 10:30, and almost fell asleep before getting up to shower and get ready for the doctor. It really helped. After my shower, I felt almost normal.

Got back from the doctor's at 3:30, sleepy again, but decided against another nap, pushed myself through light chores and paperwork, and again noted that although I was tired and sleepy, my muscles actually felt pretty good!

My tentative conclusion: I was sleepy not because of my ride yesterday, but simply because I didn't get enough sleep.

In fact, I believe I'm so recovered from yesterday that I can ride tomorrow. As of now, I plan to.

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