Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Second-Day Droops

Surprise! Second-day droops!

After all that chortling yesterday about my recovery from Monday's ride, I woke up this morning wiih my muscles unexpectedly sore, and my energy unexpectedly low.

Quite a come-uppance.

Actually, after writing yesterday's post, I really felt like taking a nap, but it was too late in the day.

This morning, we hiked over for groceries early, so I could get back in time for a nap. I dragged myself over and back, colllapsed and slept a solid hour, and climbed out of bed with legs stiffer than ever. Now, though, after a shower and and onion sandwich, they're feeling better. So...

BENCHMARK: RECOVERY: 12-mile ride takes more than one day. Amd also...

BENCHMARK: KNEES My knees, although considerably better, are still treacherous. That first little bend downwards is the one to look out for. As in stepping off a curb. Or curtseying. The little muscles to either side of the kneecap may suddenly hurt and give way. TARGET: The ability to curtsey fearlessly.

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