Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Recovering" well

Hey, this is more like it. I'm surviving yesterday's ride very well, thank you. Hiked to Winco this morning and came back with a full backpack of groceries with energy to spare.

I find that today I've been much quicker to undertake tasks that require getting out of my chair, bending and stooping, etc.

I felt a little sleepy at 3:00, so I took a nap, following my principle that says, "If I feel like taking a nap, the healthiest choice is to take a nap." In other words, I could have easily "toughed it out" without a nap, but decided that catching a nap was the wise course of action.

SAFETY BULLETIN: Yesterday, in the rain, I crossed the tracks of the MAX (light rail) and slid, for a frightening instant, on the slick steel track. I was only slightly off of right-angles from it when I crossed it -- I'd guess maybe 70 degrees, as opposed to 90 -- but that was enough to let the front wheel lurch sickeningly to one side. I had no idea that such a slight variation in my approach angle would make such a difference. I will be much more careful to cross tracks at right-angles, from now on, rain or no rain.

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