Saturday, July 7, 2012

20.1 miles, nice and easy

I took it real easy, staying in lowest gear comfortable the whole way.  Stopped at Safeway and Great Harvest, and -- at about 12 miles -- at Burger King for a sausage-egg-cheese biscuit.
Legs felt tired towards the end, but I wasn’t tired, and now, half an hour later, I’m not sleepy.

I realized I was a little reckless going for 20 miles (rather than cutting for home after about 15) but thought, what the hell, it’s what I feel like doing, and if I get away with it, it will be a shot in the arm.

Not at all sleepy until right after lunch, when I went down for a nap. Afterwards I was alert but pleasantly tired and stiff – not at all like the “overtraining” feeling I’ve had during recent weeks. I took an ibuprofen or two and didn’t bother to stretch.

Bedtime: feeling very comfortable and optimistic – as though I’ve somehow turned a corner.

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