Tuesday, July 3, 2012


10:30am – Woke at 8 after 10 hrs heavy sleep. I found it hard to get moving, reminiscent of times past when I’d slept very heavily. It feels like the right thing .. that I’m finally letting go. It also feels like a good thing that I’m not riding today … as though this is some sort of deep repair stage, one that might be disrupted and set back by activity. The message I’m getting from my body is to TAKE ADVANTAGE of the fact that NO DEMANDS ARE BEING MADE on me today. Do as little as possible. Let the reservoir fill up as much as possible.

CLIMBING STAIRS leaves me hardly breathing hard, and feeling 95% RECOVERED.

IDEA: Climb stairs and immediately count pulse might be a measure of my recovery.

Bedtime: a good day, energy-wise.  Even spent some time on my feet with less discomfort/strain than I could have a couple of weeks ago, I think.  Perhaps this has more to do with my five days of rest than my conditioning.

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