Saturday, July 14, 2012

Two miles on foot equals tired legs

Awoke this morning feeling none the worse for wear from yesterday’s mini-workout. But on the way back from Winco my legs were quite tired.

I think they’re more tired than they would have been if I hadn’t ridden yesterday. But I’m not sure it (the ride) was a mistake. Even though it has me walking like a very old man, today, it may end up building up my muscle tone more than if I’d not ridden yesterday – or walked, today.

The fatigue I feel currently is different from that which I felt a few weeks ago. Before Dr Phillips reduced my Lisinopril dose, I often felt that I couldn’t count on my leg muscles to function. They often seemed about ready to suddenly give out on me. In fact I had that feeling when I was skiing last winter. Kind of scary.

Not that my legs are super-reliable, now, but they no longer feel as though they are on the verge of cutting out on me.

Finished the day with good energy, and legs feeling stronger at the end. Up and down stairs has been a piece of cake, with knees very flexible.

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