Sunday, July 8, 2012

FIRST REST DAY, and things are looking up

Last night was the hottest so far this year … not good sleeping weather. So when I got up I wasn’t surprised to feel a bit groggy. Then as the day wore off so did the grogginess. And I noticed I was hardly stiff at all. Then after breakfast I got started on some carpentry in the garage, lost track of time, and eventually realized I had been ON MY FEET FOR TWO HOURS or more and my legs were just beginning to get a little bit tired. That’s a REAL IMPROVEMENT.

I’m reminding myself that the first rest day is often deceptively comfortable. But I’m also hoping that this is real progress. And I’m thinking it might be due to the REDUCED BLOOD PRESSURE MEDICINE DOSAGE that Dr Phillips put me on about ten days ago.

The reduced medication doesn't seem to have hurt blood pressure, which (5pm) is 126/54, p67.

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