Tuesday, July 10, 2012

THIRD rest day. Feeling really great.

In spite of ONLY FIVE HOURS SLEEP I had an exceptionally good day, today. Energy, optimisim, alertness, all good. LEGS BETTER THAN EVER, and that means on stairs, standing around, twisting through tight spaces. On stairs, my knees felt great going both up and down, my muscles were never an issue, and I was never out of breath.

I wasn’t on my feet a lot, and it’s true that when standing around talking, I took every opportunity to sit down. But that’s “normal,” for me; I could have stayed on my feet longer than I did without distress.

I feel more than ready to ride 25 miles tomorrow. As long as my cut doesn’t become infected. Right now (9pm) there’s some redness around it I hadn’t noticed before.

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