Tuesday, June 19, 2012

11.6 miles, though I had planned to go further

11 am: Awoke very stiff around hips, but not legs. I put it to the contortions required to assemble the exercise bike. Spent 15 minutes stretching and worked most of stiffness out. Drank quart of water, ate 3 scrambled eggs. Planning to ride about 15 miles.

3:45: Ended up riding only 11.6 because time and energy were running short. Legs were feeling as though they were getting a workut at 6.3 mi, as I got to Safeway. Not knowing how that translates into fatigue and stiffness in days to come, I decided to be conservative, and shortened the planned loop.

Once home I drank protein (2 scoops in skim milk) walked for mail, stretched 5-10 minutes, then in car to take Anne to Dr. Lindgrun.

Now I'm a little groggy/sleepy, not too bad. We'll see how I am tomorrow!

5:30: Just walking around the house, I notice I'm unexpectedly unsteady on my feet.

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