Saturday, June 9, 2012

Taking stock

I slept well but once up was glad I'd decided not to ride. I'm definitely not recovered.

My legs were stiffer this morning than yesterday, I believe. They loosened up, some, during the day. I feel too tired to bother to stretch.

Going upstairs, they're surprisingly strong. And support of the knees is still good. But every time I stand up, I want to sit down.

I'm glad the knees-- especially the left one -- are getting support. Every once in a while the left one gives me a twinge, here and there. I have the sense that the cartilage is wearing thinner.

I wasn't sleepy enough to try to nap until after 4, and that was too late. Now, at 6, I'm tired, but not exhausted. But glad I don't have to go anywhere, tonight.

I plan to take it easy again tomorrow, and ride on Monday, which looks as though it will have plenty of sun.

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