Saturday, June 16, 2012

6.9 uninspiring miles

I was spooked during the night by muscle pains in my legs, which seemed unaccountable and made me re-think my plans to ride today.

I woke up feeling fairly rested, though, and decided to take a short easy ride rather than no ride at all. I considered going ten miles or more, but since I've got two events coming up that require me to stand around visiting -- Leah's birthday tomorrow, and Erin's graduation Monday -- I figured I'd better take it easy. It seems, lately, that standing around when my legs haven't recovered is a sure way to postpone recovery.

So after a breakfast of fruit, millet, and egg-substitute sandwich, I rode slowly for 6.9 miles, stopping to shop briefly three times. Once home I had a protein drink, stretched for ten minutes, mowed the lawn (15 minutes) feeling very stiff. Then showered.

During afternoon, spent some time on floor in awkward positions assembling exercise bike.

9:30pm: Day went well - not much energy, but not very stiff, either. I can't ride tomorrow or Monday (conflicts) so I plan to be very diligent on my stretching, and ride on Tuesday.

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