Monday, June 4, 2012

Watching Paint Dry

After a good night's sleep, I spent the day in sedentary pursuits, stretching often, but doing without any arnica or massage. My leg muscles seem marginally looser, but still stiff as if from a workout -- even though my last ride of any distance was Friday, three days ago.

But measured in terms of ease of getting up and down from a chair, going up and down stairs, and walking a few blocks, they seem perceptibly stronger. And in terms of protecting my knees, definitely stronger.

When the muscles are supporting the knees adequately, they don't "pop" when I cross my legs. When I'm out of shape, though, the top knee without warning will "give" from the weight of the hanging foot, and it hurts. For the last day or two, though, I've been increasingly able to sit with my legs crossed without pain.

Energy was good today, until about 2:30, when I rather suddenly felt sleepy, and in accordance with my beliefs, took a lie-down. Now, at 6 pm, I'm acceptably wakeful. The sleepiness may have been brought on by a frustrating glitch in my bookkeeping, wherein I realized I'd made some fairly sizeable entry errors in Quicken, and didn't know how to straighten them out.

Not an exciting day -- like watching paint dry -- but a satisfactory one.

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