Saturday, June 2, 2012

Change of pace: short ride, long amble

A lousy night's sleep -- woke up at 2 (muggy, airless) thinking the furnace must still be on (though it wasn't) -- and at 8 or so I got up, thinking I would have no energy.

Anyway, I rode over to Winco for groceries, and since Anne was at the gallery, decided to take the MAX downtown to Clever Cycles. Came back in afternoon, got off at Beaverton TC, walked to Powell's, met Anne, walked to movie, tp New Seasons for supper, then back to Beaverton Central ... in all, probably 5 or 6 miles. At times I was staggering. Fatigue? Old age? Who knows. But the ambling along interspersed with resting reminded me of the fatigue I used to feel when we were walking the beach, and it was relaxing.

Home for a good night's sleep.

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