Friday, June 15, 2012

Remarkably restored, and wondering ...

Even before I was out of bed I felt stronger and more alert. And once up, it got better and better. An almost miraculous rebound. Head clearer, muscles almost not sore at all, minimal stagger, alert, energetic, no sleepiness ...

Could this all be due to yesterday's incresed stretching, protein, and hydration?

Or was it primarily the product of another day of rest and an excellent sleep of almost ten hours?

(Despite two shots of whiskey and a glass of wine, last night.)

While wondering, I started the day with 15 timed minutes of stretching; egg-substitute sandwich; and a quart of water. And the day was going very well. I felt positively robust. Went to Dr Dave and handled the complicated issues to my satisfaction, came back and took Anne to lunch and drove on to Walmart's to pick up the exercise bike.

At Walmart I was on my feet for perhaps 20-30 minutes and my legs started getting tired. I was conscious of the fatigue in the car while driving home, and during brief stopover at a store on the way -- my legs curtailed my urge to browse. Still bed when getting out to get the mail. Not as bad as days of late, though, and no accompanying malaise. And only a touch of sleepiness, while driving home, close to 4 pm.

I'm going to try to get in another round of stretching, water, and protein before bedtime.

Accuweather promises sunshine until noon, tomorrow. Very tempting...

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