Thursday, June 7, 2012

Turning the corner? Recovering nicely!

I awoke this morning with above-average energy, and only minimal leg stiffness. All day, today, I've been feeling alert and energetic, not hesitating to get up out of my chair or go up and down the stairs, and no hint of sleepiness.

Not, that is, until after lunch. I ate too much at the Indian Buffet, and felt a nap beckoning. So I tried, but couldn't get to sleep, and had to settle for a lie-down.

Now, at 5:00, I'm adequately alert, and altogether satisfied with the way I feel. My leg muscles feel better than ever, my knees are comfortable.

I'm more optimistic, and eager, than at any time this year. I'm looking forward to riding again on Saturday (tomorrow we hike for groceries) and I anticipate going for 20 miles, weather permitting. This is not just a mental outlook. It's an expression of how I'm feeling physically, I think.

If I ride 20 miles Saturday and survive it with minimal disruption to my functioning during recovery, I'll consider it a major milestone. I can then hope to settle in to a routine, 20-mile ride, 2 or 3 days a week, increasing my speed instead of my distance as the summer goes on.

I want to remember to push nutrition, before and after each ride, at least until I've reached the functioning level I'm aiming at, because I think the extra nutrients and liquids I consumed on Wednesday had something to do with my performance, and my quick recovery.

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