Sunday, June 17, 2012

Recovering conscientiously

Pretty good sleep despite muggy weather. Awoke with stiff legs and hips, partly due, I think, to the time I spent yesterday assembling the exercise bike.

This morning I conscientiously stretched for a little over 15 minutes; drank over a quart of water; and ate two eggs. Now, a couple of hours later, the stretching seems to have helped.

My vitality is adequate, but my legs feel tired as well as stiff. As soon as I stand up, I want to sit down.

We have to leave here early, tomorrow -- 7:30 or 8 -- for a long day. No time for stretches, little for ablutions. Perhaps a stretching session tonight?

LATER -- Got home from Kevin's (Leah's birthday)tired and with Anne fibrillating. Skipped all stretching.

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