Wednesday, June 27, 2012

16.6 miles, 1:48 riding time, 2:30 overall

Beautiful sunny cool morning. I felt physically and emotionally ready to ride and started off strong. Lateral knee stabilizers were cranky for about five miles and then subsided; anteriors still complained for next few miles. After I stopped at Ace Hardware (9.1 mi.) everything was warmed up.

I was feeling stronger and more optimistic than on last Saturday’s ride -- though not quite robust.

Towards the end – 14 mi or so – my legs felt as though they were getting a really good workout. At the very end they were telling me, “enough!” I drank my whey and walked down for mail – unsteadily – and my legs were very stiff and tired. I stretched a little and then realized the lawn needed mowing. So I staggered through that (30-minute) chore, then took a shower and napped for an hour.

I wasn’t very refreshed when I got up but I was adequately alert.

This was after aTHREE-DAY REST, and I’m thinking (in light of yesterday’s reading on fragility and Overtraining Syndrome) that maybe I need to figure on four or FIVE days. It looks like next Wednesday is the next chance I’ll have to ride, and that will have given me FIVE DAYS’ rest. If I ride the same route and survive it better, that should give me a better handle on how much recovery time I need.

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