Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Endorphins at last -- at 16.7 miles

I awoke after a good night's sleep feeling surprisingly ready for a ride, in spite of my extreme leg fatigue last night at the gallery. I felt I had plenty of energy, and there was only a little lingering stiffness in my legs. So off I went, around 9:30 a.m.

I noticed right away that the knee-stabilizers were feeling much better than usual. They protested a tiny bit at the start, but were fully warmed up before the second mile. (On my last ride they were still stiff after 6 or 7 miles.)

I had plenty of energy the whole way and only the slightest trace of sleepiness.

I started feeling a little fatigue in my leg muscles about 9 miles out. A few miles later I wasn't conscious of it any more.

I took it easy, stopping off two or three times to do light shopping. Towards the end of the ride I felt a touch -- just a touch -- of endorphins.

I carried a bottle with two scoops of "Perpetuem" dissolved in water and drank it at intervals. Before I left I had half an apple, a big bowl of granola, and a fried eggmate sandwich. I also tanked up on water. (I've been paying little attention to fueling, up until now.)

Once home, I had two "crepes" with yogurt and half a bottle of GatorAde "Recover03" followed by a rice and bean dish Anne had made.

I've been moving around doing light house chores, and stretching, for the last hour, and feel okay.

The big question: How will I feel in a few hours, and tomorrow?

LATE AFTERNOON: Around 5, I started work on what I thought would be a very minor carpentry project, but it turned out to be more involved than I expected, and before I was done, I -- and my legs especially -- were ultra-tired. Not the best way to end the day when I had already tested myself, I guess, but that's what happened.

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