Friday, June 29, 2012

Second day of rest, and slough deepens


9am: Fatigue sullied my sleep and I awoke feeling run-over. Once up, it wasn’t as bad as feared, but clearly still in the slough of recovery.

4pm: Slough deepened as day went on. Session with McAninch (10AM) confirmed idea that I’m dealing with Overtraining Syndrome (OTS) complicated by aging (Fragility?). I found this heartening, in that it suggests that increased recovery time between rides might prove effective. As I get into shape, perhaps less time between rides would be needed.

Meanwhile, I learned from McAninch that DAMAGE FROM WARM-UP is disproportionate to that from continued activity in any one session, thus a short ride requires a disproportionate amount of recovery time for repairs.

Right now I’m feeling exhausted. Some, though minor, chest distress: pain and pressure, 1 on a scale of 10. Doesn’t seem worse when I move around, but whenever I stand up, I want to sit down.

Leg muscles, meanwhile, feel stronger, and knees more supported.

Yet despite that, I’m unsteady on my feet. Climbing on a scale less than 2” off the floor, I was reaching around for something to grab. And just now, walking out into the alley, looking at some items on a table for a garage sale, I felt very unsteady and could hardly wait to get back to my desk. I can’t blame it on the muscles, and I didn’t feel dizzy, yet I felt in danger of losing my balance. And to complicate things even further, when McAninch had me balance on one foot and then the other, this morning, he said I did it fine – better than a lot of people!

One beer with sandwich, around 6. Ibuprofen a bit later.

7:15pm BP 150/59; p71 right after shower. Slough is deepening. Shot of whiskey with grapefruit juice around 9:00. Seemed to help.

10:pm: BP129/56 p67. Feeling better. Maybe coming out of the trough?

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