Friday, June 8, 2012

Uncertainties and unexpected demands

I woke up this morning with less energy than I had hoped. But we needed groceries, so we decided to hike over to Winco anyway. On the way back, with backpacks loaded, Anne got light-headed and woozy -- she hadn't slept much last night -- so we found her a place to sit while I walked back to get the car. I walked considerably faster than my usual pace, and felt it in my leg muscles, and got winded. It was only 17 minutes from leaving Anne to our house, but I felt like it was quite a workout. Clearly, I don't need a bicycle to get aerobics!

Anyway, since I had planned to take it relatively easy, today, this was an unexpected demand.

Well, I fetched Anne in the car and we picked up some hot soup on the way home, and she was soon feeling better, and is now taking a nap. And I'm not. And I'm not sleepy. It's 3pm.

My legs were more tired/stiff when I got up this morning than I expected them to be, and they're even stiffer, now. But so far I don't feel overall fatigue.

So should I ride tomorrow?

LATER -- 7 pm -- I think it would be a big mistake to ride tomorrow, given the way I've been feeling for the past four hours. I never did get sleepy, but a couple of times I felt exhaustion tinged with anxiety. First, when I was on my feet for half an hour or an hour in the garage, tidying up. My leg muscles were very tired, and staying on my feet despite that seemed to make inordinate demands on my vitality. When I finally quit and sat down, I was feeling a bit shaky. Then, after a bit of desk work, I drove out for a haircut, after which I walked over to Fred Meyers and through the length of the store checking for Thompson's Water Seal ... and experienced the same extreme anxiety-tinged fatigue.

I don't know what's going on, but it seems clear to me that if it's a mistake to exert myself before I'm recovered, it would be a mistake to ride tomorrow.

So tomorrow would be a good day to stay at home and read and putter. And spend as little time as possible on my feet.

Massage? Arnica? Neither seem as important, at this point, as rest.

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