Saturday, June 30, 2012

Third day of rest. Slough bottoming out?

8am: Just before going to bed, I felt the malaise easing. This morning I woke up feeling much less fatigue. Getting up, I felt only slightly stiff. But I’m still tired. It comes in waves. I declined a hike to Winco, not because I couldn’t make it, but because I’m afraid it might set me back.

I think today should make as little physical demand as possible. I may stretch, but I may not. Exhaustion is a bigger problem than muscle stiffness.

My history – my M.O., my most usual fault -- is one of trying too hard, doing too much. So that’s what I have to guard against.

1:30pm: I notice I can stay on my feet without distress longer…

2:30pm: A ten-minute stroll to All About Eyes just now left me a little breathless.

Later -- I spent a couple of hours, off and on, on my feet doing some "shop" work in the garage, and my legs felt pretty bad. I got down in the dumps. But now, almost 9pm, my spirits are better. I feel like I may be "recovering".

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